As an aspiring writer and journalist it seemed high time I just started, well, writing. Welcome to my little patch of the web where I’ll be writing words for people to read rather than hiding them away in notebooks and journals gathering dust.

I’ve had almost as many reinventions as Madonna when it comes to careers – everything from humble shop girl to advertising executive – but my love of magazines has always remained constant. I’d been chipping away trying to break into the industry, entering every competition and applying directly to my favourite titles.

After years of rejection I finally got my big breakthrough as ‘The Editor’ Intern in the ELLE ‘Edited by the Interns’ initiative. Not a bad start, eh? I’ve just finished working on the October issue (on sale 4th September) writing for the magazine and website.

There’ll be lots to come about my ELLE experience, what I’m up to and into, and my journey from fangirl to bonafide bylines.

(Illustration sources: Montana Forbes, RiflePaperCo, Angie Rehe)


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