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Welcome to Indie & Pop

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If I were an emoji

‘Indie’ (Independent)

‘Pop’ (Popular or Commercial)*

The way we shop has changed. The Internet has become our High Street & Marketplace. I believe it is still possible to consume with conscious & convenience. I also believe in loving where you live & embracing local life, wherever that may be. 

For me, I live in a Town in Cambridgeshire. It’s just been named as one of the Top 5 UK ‘Cinderella Towns‘ (that sounds so pretty but life is no fairytale). We used to live in Cambridge itself but were simply priced out when it came to finding our ideal Family Home. Before that we lived in London (N1 postcode, same story). At first it felt like we’d had to settle for second best, to head back to the area where we started from, but now we feel truly settled. I think having a sense of home & community are especially important when you have a family.

My perspective has changed since becoming a Mother & that has influenced the way in which I shop. It has completely changed the way I live. I’ve always been a seeker, a spender – ‘Soph’ is an anagram of ‘Shop’ – & a sharer. I’ve certainly got a taste for luxury but it has to have longevity. I’m eagle-eyed when it comes to sourcing cheap yet chic finds & budget alternatives.

Via I’ll be highlighting & championing an edit of :

  • Fashion & Style – Womenswear & Childrenswear focus
  • Health & Beauty – Eco credentials & indulgent little luxuries
  • Home & Family – Decor, Food, Entertainment, Activities & Culture
  • Local Lifestyle – Cambridgeshire & beyond – ideas for wherever you are
  • Creative Mothers – Inspiration & Interviews

My aim is a realistic, useful & honest guide. This also applies to my photography  – no filters, just lighter & brighter. Try to think of me as a somewhere between Mary Portas & Mary Poppins.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay Classy 😉

Sophie x

*NB: Not to be confused with ‘IndiePop’ A genre of alternative music. More melodic than its relative IndieRock. Think: Belle & Sebastian, Feist, Florence & The Machine, The XX, Arcade Fire, St.Vincent artists who, incidentally, I’m a fan of too.


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