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Classic Style Toddler Shoes


The wizard of Oz-borne: Dorothy ruby red patent cross bar shoes & gingham blouse

So, I’ve been on a mission recently to seek out stylish & timeless toddlers’ shoes at economical prices & it’s been no simple task. If you favour more of a classic or vintage aesthetic, chances are you’ve faced the same conundrum. A quick poll amongst friends & something I posted on Instagram fuelled the conversation further; it seems I’m very much not alone in my search.

Well, I’ve now found two ranges on the High Street that you might not have heard of & for no more than £26 per pair!


Playing ‘Shoe Shop’- I wonder where she gets it from?

Kids’ feet grow. Quickly. You want to ensure that their shoes are well fitting & offer the correct support for their growing little piggies & trotters. You want something enduring & sturdy. You’d favour natural leathers & materials over synthetics. Ideally, you’d also like a complementary style for their many outfits, adventures & falls – styles that go with lots of things, or almost anything & everything. Sensible shoes at sensible prices (too much to ask?)

The shelves & online offerings of many stores left me feeling deflated & suffering with a bit of a headache from glaring at so many garish colour combinations & character/branded designs at eye-watering prices. Where I found designs that I did like, I struggled to justify spending quite so much on multiple pairs that would all too soon be outgrown.

I adore the ranges by  Young Soles & Startrite – both truly excellent if you do have a higher budget or slower toe growers – but as my daughter’s feet are growing so quickly I needed to economise without fully compromising style.


Little & large: twinning in Mama’s favourite ‘neutral’ leopard

Chipmunks at Debenhams

I have to admit that I don’t venture into Debenhams very often. Their rival Department Stores generally seem to carry a better offering of products & concessions (our local branch is sadly a bit outdated & not the easiest to navigate with a buggy). After receiving Gift Vouchers from a relative for Christmas, I spent some time on their website & stumbled across Chipmunks.

Perhaps not a household name or big in the social media game (yet) but they certainly know their stuff. Established since ’96, they actually manufacture for the likes of Clarks & M&S, selling over 5 million pairs to date.  So far, I’ve purchased the ‘Trixie’ cross bar style in red patent leather (£25) & the ‘Callie’ Chelsea Boot in leopard (£25) for P (at 21 months she’s now a size 5).

I’ve been impressed with the quality so far & am very tempted by the burgundy ‘Eva’ style too. There are lots of black, brighter colours & longer boot styles as well as wellingtons in their ranges. (All styles available in Sizes 4-12 younger)

Indie & Pop Picks for Girls

L-R: Burgundy Eva Shoes / Leopard Callie Chelsea Boots / Red Trixie Shoes / Navy Eva Shoes 

Indie & Pop Picks for Boys/Unisex

L-R: Chocolate Ranch Boots / Tan Callum Chelsea Boots / Tan Jacob Brogue Shoes / Tan Panther Boots 


More classic T Bars, Mary Janes, Brogues & Ankle Boots please retailers!

Walkmates at Marks & Spencer

Is it just me, or is M&S just getting better & better on the design front? In the last year or so, I’ve made so many purchases for my home, my wardrobe & my daughter’s wardrobe. I think their Beauty brand offering is superb (more on those to come).

The recent Marie Chantal line collaboration was as beautiful as you would expect from the main line & P was lucky enough to receive a few pieces from Father Christmas, including that red coat from her Great Nana.


It was looking through the campaign images where I spotted the exact style of shoes I had been looking for in both goes-with-everything tan & colour popping red. It was only after a bit of scrolling that I discovered they were not from the Marie Chantal line itself but by the ‘Walkmates’ brand. With their sturdy soles & punched leather detailing, I ordered them instantly & they’ve been broken in nicely. They’re solid enough to not worry about scuffs & scratches & will only get more supple with time. I’ve got my eye on the Chelsea Boots from the boys line too.(All styles available in Sizes 4-11 small)

Indie & Pop Picks for Girls

L-R: Gold Floral Shoes (Online Only) / Navy Floral Shoes (Online Only) / Red Cross Bar Shoes / Tan Cross Bar Shoes 

Indie & Pop Picks for Boys/Unisex

L-R: Navy Chelsea Boots / Brown Brogue Shoes / Grey Brogue Shoes / Tan Brogue Shoes / Tan Chelsea Boots 

NB: M&S have also just added a very vintage looking brown lace up style (£32) to the Marie Chantal collection online.

I hope that my own searching has done the legwork for you when it comes to finding some classic shoes or boots for your little ones. These finds are very much aimed at toddlers but if you’re looking for baby or older childrens’ shoes just let me know.

Have you experienced the same struggles in retailers or do you have a secret store or brand to share? 

S x



4 thoughts on “Classic Style Toddler Shoes

  1. Abi Calvert says:

    Love Walkmates for Miss Rose but hadn’t ever looked at Debenhams or Chipmunks. Those boots are amazing and on the list for her birthday. Great post Soph, thank you x

  2. Katie Gallagher says:

    Loving the Chelsea boots for Master T! I can order from the sofa and you have done the hard work for me! Great post – can’t wait for more xx

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