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French Dressing: Slogan Sweatshirts with a (vive la) difference

French Slogan Sweaters

The loose definition of effortless cool. ‘Mon Cheri’ c/o Joanie Clothing / ‘Jolie’ & ‘Joie de vivre’ (old styles) Whistles

Parlez vous Francais? No, me neither. I’ve got more in common with Del Boy than Kristin Scott Thomas; more Frank than Franc but am hoping one day I’ll get an A+ for effort.

My love affair for a French phrase sweatshirt began back in the ’80s. Somewhere between the sleeves of a memorable lilac number adorned with petite fille (named ‘Josephine’ &, most notably for me, ‘Sophie’) & a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g from Ton Sur Ton. I then got a little lost in translation with The Sweater Shop & [insert any sports brand] BIG logo styles up to my early teens before abandoning anything emblazoned altogether; feeling too much like a walking billboard. Too gauche.

Enjoy Yourself

“Je ne sais pas pourquoi” – at a Kylie concert, 1990 in that jumper

Flash forward a few *ahem* years & the slogan sweatshirt is now an essential part of my everyday wardrobe. Comfortable, easy & nonchalant, non? With slogans, mottos & catchphrases galore right now from High Street to High end, on everything from t-shirts to accessories; it’s the sweater that has the most staying power. The yellow jersey of the pack.

Trends are fun but if they have longevity & are just plain useful, so much the better. You won’t be hard pressed to find a (literally) statement piece out there, so I’ve compiled an edit of sweatshirts specifically with a French flavour (a nice sweaty Camembert, yum). Slightly less shouty than something spelled out in English –  unless of course you are actually French, then I apologise*.

Indie & Pop Picks

1. (£30) & 7. (£16.80 SALE) Joanie Clothing 

 2. (£65 SALE) & 12. (£79) Whistles

 3. (£50 – with £10 going to Loved&Found Charity) Selfish Mother

4. (£14) F&F Clothing 

 5. (£71.25 SALE) & 6. (£95) Etre Cecile 

 8. (£65) French Connection (Menswear)

 9. (£28.80 currently in Price Match at JL) Oasis

10. & 13. (£49) Hush

11. (£25 – 25% discount with code ‘BIG25′) La Redoute

 14. (£45 – online exclusive) Sugarhill Boutique

15. (£295 – but get a 20% discount via Wardrobe Icons exclusive event) Bella Freud

How to wear it

Anything (& almost everything) goes. They’re tres useful! I’ve had my Whistles versions for about 4 years now & worn them countless times – both have stood the test of time & endured through Motherhood (read: weaning). Ironically, I tend to wear my ‘Jolie’ one when I’m feeling less than pretty. That’ll be the British humour.

Indie & Pop Petit Picks

If you want to dress your kids as Mini Moi, I’ve found a fab selection, mostly from La Redoute (all currently 25% off with ‘BIG25’) except for the styles ‘Bon Voyage’ here & ‘Voila’ here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Typically, the sun is shining as I write this but these are more than fair-weather-friends & the best time to shop for A/W clothing is now. I’ll post some outfit pics *gulp* over on my Instagram account @sophosborne when the temperature inevitably drops again to show you how I’m wearing mine.

*Classic Britishness right there. NB: All definitions were c/o Google, so if you notice any errors please do let me know!

S x



One thought on “French Dressing: Slogan Sweatshirts with a (vive la) difference

  1. mummymode says:

    Oh I love French style, side note- always like navy and blue together. Slogan sweats (just mis-typed and it came up as swogan, maybe a new name for them?!) are all time faves too xxx

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