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Mary Poppins’ Style

Russell Bromley Roxanne Boots

Magic Carpet Boots & Poppins style accessories : Boots (past season) / Bag (vintage Celine bought second hand) / Lipstick & Cosmetic Pouch / Powder Compact / Hat / Umbrella / Veggie Percy Pigs

‘Mary Portas meets Mary Poppins’ it boldly claims in my Bio. Well, what exactly do I mean by that & how can I compare myself to these inspirational & influential women? To be taken with a spoonful of salt 😉

Mary Poppins Illustration

Part 1: What I’ve got in common with Mary Poppins (the Disney version)

Mary Poppins Job Description

The Job Description

Well, Poppins ends up employed as a Nanny without any real qualifications (or even references FFS!). Of course, I also had zero ‘Mum’ experience prior to becoming one. Unless reading The Internet/all the typical manuals & watching every episode of ‘One Born…’ constitutes adequate training?*

I’m predominantly a Stay-at-home-Mum but similarly I have chores to do alongside filling a small person’s days with outings & excitement, whilst endeavouring to fill their mind with education & imagination; belief in magic & dreams is highly encouraged. I’m currently putting aside my feminist ideals & tomboy style tendencies to play ‘Princess’ on a daily basis.

Sadly, I haven’t got a magic carpet bag (yet). I tend to carry an unusually large bag &/or basket with everything-but-the-kitchen-sink inside including yet more bags. I *have* got carpeted boots, though. They’re going to be everywhere this A/W but I appreciate they’re not to everyones’ taste.  My Dad was in the Carpet trade & my Grandparents ran a pub so I’m partial to a tapestry pattern.

Similarly to Mary, I’m pale-skinned, often wear a red lip & am rosy of cheek. My rosiness is usually achieved from a pot of powder by Bourjois or NARS, mind. I also use a sturdy mirrored compact when I can find the bloody bastard blasted thing in my bottomless handbag. Often carrying an umbrella & fond of wearing hats – told you I needed a big bag.

Likes to feed the birds. You don’t even have to pay 2p or visit St. Paul’s to do it. I genuinely have a Robin that regularly visits me (I’m convinced it follows me) so perhaps I can train it to sit on my finger while I tunefully whistle at it as I do the housework?

Mary Poppins Spoonful Of Sugar

Stroking red breasts is a pastime of mine too

A spoonful of sugar & a proper cup of tea is delightful at solving stuff. As is a doughnut or 3. We all have various ailments (& some more serious conditions) in our house, so we have to take a lot of medicine which justifies our occasional sweet-toothed treat & generally we eat very healthily.

You will always find a few Percy Pigs hiding in my bag for toddler bribery purposes – they’ve often saved my bacon on the (mostly Lidl) supermarket Weekly Shop but now M&S has set up shop in my town I won’t ever run out or have to drive 5 miles to a garage to get them.

Sunny disposition but actually pretty icy & sharp-tongued. Rarely smiles & has BRF – bitchy resting face. Hearing “cheer up, love!” is always so helpful. In truth, I don’t like to bare my teeth when I smile because my Hampsteads resemble Nanny McPhee’s. My unfortunate face may say otherwise but I’m actually very nice, kind & generally happy. My very small number of friends will attest to this.

Singing & flying? I struggle with both but that won’t stop me from belting out the Disney soundtracks enthusiastically with my daughter or boarding a plane given the chance. We do dance a lot at home; the rug in our lounge has had more shapes thrown on it than it’s ever been given a once-over by Henry.

Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Child labour made fun thanks to Henry’s happy face 🙂

Like Andrews’ lovely diction, I speak ‘well’ but am not really ‘posh’ at all. My sister thinks I should sound more like Dick van Dyke’s atrocious Cockney Bert because of our London heritage (our Dad’s a Norf Lahndonnah) & because I went to school in The Fens. She just didn’t watch Poppins quite as much or as carefully as I did – essentially an elocution lesson, perhaps precocious – but she does have a perfect telephone voice too, so some of it must’ve rubbed off on her.

Never smell of Barley Water? Do Robinson’s fruit squash or whiskey count?

Mary Poppins Practically Perfect

Sophie Osborne: Impractical & imperfect in every way

‘Practically perfect in every way’ nope. No such thing. I’m incredibly flawed & am getting more comfortable in those flaws that now I’m my thirties. I have good intentions of running a tight ship but it’s OK if it s(t)inks sometimes or gets a bit dusty.

Mary Poppins is the fantasy Mother figure I desperately craved as a child & would like to be: smart, firm but fair & lots of fun. My wish came true when my Stepmother Mum entered our lives – she’s ‘wicked’ like the Urban Dictionary defintion. Disney doesn’t always get it spit, spot on!

(Indie &) Pop Picks: Get the Poppins Look

With the imminent Disney re-boot ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ (2018) starring Emily Blunt & my personal penchant for dressing like a (Carpet)Bag Lady,  I thought I’d pull some pieces out of the bag that are practically perfect for this season. As I write the rain is pouring down – farewell chalk pictures on our patio! – & because it’s Friday, I’m particularly feeling shades of red wine.

All of the pieces in my edit are from Marks & Spencer with everything online & in stores now. I seemed to be a year ahead of the brocade boot trend when I got my ‘Roxanne’ boots from Russell & Bromley which were a Christmas present from my (baffled) husband & a very luxurious treat (£295 but I will wear them until my dying day or until elderly age prevents me). Rest & bank balance assured, the M&S ones are a very affordable £49.50 & they’ve only gone & solved my handbag dreams for £27.50.

Cloche Hat in ‘Dark Grape’/ Brocade Boots / Across Body Bag  in ‘Red Mix’ (other colours available) / Coat in ‘Dark Red’ (sizes 6-22) / Shirt (sizes 6-18) / Lipstick from the Joan Collins ‘Divine Lips’ collection / Cream Blusher in ‘English Rose’ & Insta Glow Blusher in ‘Sunrise’ both from the Rosie for Autograph collection

Now, I wouldn’t suggest wearing all of the accessories at the same time unless you’re feeling full-on character confident (kudos to you). Personally, I love the contrast of a luxe velvet or strong patterned piece paired with casual items like worn denim or leather & a plain t-shirt or classic coloured sweater. A tonally similar coat or jacket would look superbly co-ordinated & impactful. Despite my love of wearing red, I’m yet to find a red coat that truly suits me but maybe I’ll get lucky with this one which has just landed.

Are you as nervous as I am of the new film? We better get used to the childhood classic updates because The Little Mermaid & Dumbo are in the works too. Right, I’m off for a cuppa on the ceiling & I hope this post made you feel a bit merrier today; I love to laugh! & hope it bought a smile to your face 🙂 S x

*Apologies to anyone expecting their first child & reading this. You might want to try reading this or this for a realistic & refreshing take on Motherhood. I’ve read them both & they are what I recommend to everyone that asks me for tips or what to expect because I don’t actually give parenting advice; just lots of encouragement, empathy & biscuits. Only you will always know what’s ‘best’.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or endorsed by Disney or M&S 😉




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