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Beautiful Chaos: Modern Motherhood

Boden Womenswear Campaign Wear It Like A Mum

Hello velveteen floral tuxedo! Do you wanna come for a cuppa at mine? (SOURCE)

What does Modern Motherhood or Parenthood look like to you? Which Mum/Mama/Mummy ‘tribe’ do you identify with or which Team are you on? Aren’t we all just on the same side anyway?

There’s an added pressure in Society & bred like rabbits through Social Media to fit ourselves into a box (or Instagram square) from before we even decide to procreate. Not just the decision, or struggle, to choose – or not – to raise a small person or several but how we go about it & how we ‘look’ while we’re at it.

Despite it being 2017, we all seem to have this deeply ingrained image of a preened 50s Housewife that can knock up a decent sponge in her shiny kitchen whose sole ambition in life is to get knocked up & quite frankly, my dear, that should be enough for her. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that if that is truly what makes you happy but I’m guessing if you’re reading this, it’s probably pretty far from your reality.

I suspect that most of this pressure actually comes from our own internal monologue as well as the Media we consume. Motherhood is this great, big & messy unknown of ‘am I doing this right?’ but in truth the only thing we ‘should’ be considering is if it’s right for us.

It’s all too easy to assume that if we wear brands like Boden or drive a certain make of car or push a particular buggy therefore we must be defined by that. ‘Mumsy’ is a by-word for boring but maybe our definitions have got a bit lost along the way? That’s the thing when we assume – it makes an ASS of U & ME.

The Pool x Boden Modern Motherhood Panel.jpg

#ThePoolxBoden Panel (L-R): Michelle Kennedy of Peanut / Mariam Boutorabi of Boden / Lauren Laverne Co-Founder of The Pool / Noella Coursaris Musunka Founder of Malaika / Writer & The Pool Parenting Columnist Robyn Wilder (SOURCE)

Last night I went out of my way (literally) to attend an event by The Pool in association with Boden on the subject of ‘Modern Motherhood’. A diverse panel chaired by Lauren Laverne delved into the deep end of daily life & personal experience whilst all looking utterly gorgeous while they were at it. Discussing trials & tribulations peppered with poo talk (I’m looking at you Robyn Wilder).

Then we all put our ‘Mum’ hats to one side to put our fashion hats on & got to play with the latest collections from Boden. We nibbled (personally I scoffed *ahem*) on proper canapés like Fish & Chips or indulged in glass of something firm & fruity as we got to know each other & the rails.

I admit that my own perception of ‘Yummy Mummy’ Boden was a bit outdated but after seeing this stuff in person vs. my usual quick glance through the Catalogue that comes through my letterbox (I always buy things for my daughter from them but rarely for myself). Well let’s just say I’ll be making a dash to the new Concession in my local branch of John Lewis in the very near future & taking a closer look at the Womenswear from now on.

I’ve been missing a trick it seems but just like the Mum times are a changin’ their designs have come a long way too. With their current campaign it’s a celebration of owning it ‘who are you calling yummy?’ I for one was more than pleasantly surprised & you might just be too. I’m getting myself set to ‘wear it like a Mum’ in 2017.

Be Bold Be You Quote Boden

Not a bad mantra from Boden, eh?

Thank you to the lovely people at The Pool for an inspiring & fun evening.

Thank you to Mr O for being a brilliant Dad & letting me have (yet another) night off 😉



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