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We’re Going On a Bear Hunt: Teddy Coats

Sophie Osborne Teddy Coat Pick Mix

Give yourself a hug in a Teddy Coat & gimme some sugar: Coat (gifted by a kind lady at Fash:Reboot) / Topshop Jamie Jeans / Ribbed Polo Neck (old style from Zara) / Boots (old style but similar at OFFICE)

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around…& show us your coat, please? Faux furs have been making a scene for a fair few years now. It’s either time to bring your beasts out of hibernation or go on the hunt for a new furry friend.

Thankfully, I’ve snared a few for you to choose from in my Indie & Pop picks.

N.B No soft animals were harmed in compiling this edit.

Sophie Osborne Teddy Coat Toy Catcher

“Nirvana is coming. The mystic portal awaits!” What I wore to the Cinema – F.Y.I I’m a Sweet & Salty girl

Last night was a treaty affair at our local Cinema to see ‘Blade Runner:2049’ which was hugely anticipated on my part as I’m the biggest fan of the original Ridley Scott ‘Blade Runner’ in every possible sense. If you haven’t seen the ’82 classic, I’m not sure we can be friends but what are you waiting for? Harrison Ford in his prime, gymnastics from Daryl Hannah & the most stunning monologue in film history by Rutger Hauer IMHO.

As for the styling, it’s out-of-this-world incredible. The Costume Design alone is reason enough to delve into the Dick inspired universe. Michael Kaplan & Charles Knode were responsible for the iconic outfitting with Renee April stepping in for the sequel.

From the immaculate & coiffed, almost Hitchcock heroine, Rachel to the dishevelled dystopian Pris (think Isabel Marant on Acid); the Blade Runner style is permanently etched in my memory…or are those memories even mine?*

Pris Blade Runner Fur Coat

Daryl Hannah as Pris in Animal Print Fur Coat

Rachel Blade Runner Fur Coat

Sean Young as Rachel in Fur Coat

Now, I know at first glance these aren’t exactly your everyday outfits but Autumn/Winter & furs – specifically of the faux variety, please – are always practical & stylish. They’re timeless as long as you get it & the fit right. If you veer too cheaply you can end up looking a bit more Halloween Fancy Dress than Silver Screen chic.

Bet Lynch & Pat Butcher animal prints are about as accessible as you can get for the look. Spots are excellent camouflage for a cheaper cut of cloth – just check the pattern alignment on seams & try on a few in the same size to find the best fabric.

Another alternative that offers comfort & cool whilst keeping cozy is the ‘Teddy Bear’ coat. If we’re going to venture outside this time of year *looks at raindrops on the window* then a glorified Dressing Gown is something I’m championing. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of cocoa but don’t knock ’til you’ve tried it on.

Indie & Pop Picks

A Teddy Bear Coat is for life, not just for Christmas. Teddy bears though will always make great gifts, too & the same theory applies again here – buy less but buy better & they’ll last & be passed on. A hug that never ends can’t be a bad thing so grin & BEAR IT.

Gestuz Dahla Teddy CoatGestuz Dahla Faux Fur CoatPaddington Toy Bear

GESTUZ Dahlia Faux Fur Coat in Merlot (£349) Boudoir Femme

Paddington Bear (£29.99) John Lewis

Teddy Faux Fur Coat WarehouseWarehouse Teddy CoatSteiff Happy Teddy Bear

Teddy Faux Fur Coat (£89) Warehouse

Steiff Happy Teddy Bear (£45) John Lewis

MIH Jeans Ormsby Teddy CoatMIH Jeans Ormsby Teddy Coat StyleSteiff Elmar Teddy Bear

M.i.h Jeans Ormsby Coat in Moon Neutral (£495) Boudoir Femme

Steiff Elmar Bear (£49.95) John Lewis

Teddy Coat American Vintage PatidoleTeddy Coat American Vintage Patidole StyleSteiff Flynn Teddy Bear

American Vintage Patidole Coat in Ecru (£285) Boudoir Femme 

Steiff Flynn Teddy Bear (£17) Selfridges

Stradivarius Teddy Coat ASOSStradivarius Teddy CoatJellyCat Polar Bear

Stradivarius Faux Fur Teddy Jacket (£45.99) ASOS

JellyCat Perry Polar Bear (£42) John Lewis

I hope this post gave you a virtual hug. I think we’re all in need of one in the state of the World right now, eh?

Maybe we can all get together & have a Group Hug over on Instagram?

Call it #TeddyBearCoatGroupHug or something ? You get the idea. I like to share the love.

S x

*No plot spoilers here






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