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To be (grey) or not to be (grey), that is the question: (Artwork by Luigi Tarini via Saatchi Art)

Customer Review: Josh Wood Colour DIY

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I’m a not-so-natural Blonde these days. My greys – I say grey, yet they are mostly wiry whites – showed up to my root party early then completely trashed the parting place postpartum. At 35, I’m not there yet when it comes to embracing this latest gift from generous Mother Nature, though I’m noticing a seismic shift in attitudes towards that transition & heartily applaud it; shine on silver sisters!

When it came to my Lockdown locks it was finally time to try Blonde in a box. As a Home Colour hair virgin there was only one man & brand I trusted enough to give my roots a touch up (& remember to pop on protective gloves): Josh Wood Colour. There’s a clue in that synonymous name. You don’t have to take my word for it, but seeing is believing when it comes to his genius in a bottle – take a look!

Let me start with a BIG caveat: If you’re able to either afford or physically go to a Salon right now, that should always be your first port of call. Nothing will ever beat the hands-on expertise & experience of a trained professional.

It’s more important than ever to support Small & Independent Business. If you can do that locally, even better.

This is about maintenance – of colour & our collective confidence.

When it came to my recent Cut, I couldn’t wait to get in the chair at my closest Salon. It’s close to my heart too. The Beauty Industry has taken a brutal bashing from Boris & Co. in the Pandemic, so please continue to support Beauty Backed with our bucks. Putting our (perhaps pretty limited) money where our mouth* is, is vital to its survival & an act of sanity boosting self-care we could all use right about now. Book an appointment if you can.

*Just remember to keep that mouth covered. Literal Masks for faces are essential. I get asked about my facial coverings a lot. My tried & tested faves are these Reusable ones:

Great British Designer Reusable Face Coverings (£15 for a pack of 3) NOT AFFILIATED but here’s a quick LINK for ease

If you’re looking for a Hair Mask, then look no further: Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask has got my (Ron)seal of approval: does what it says on the tin – well, bottle 😉 More on his products to follow…

My new ‘do & DIY dye job: No filters, taken in natural light, No BS

My hair today is looking a lot better & brighter than it did during Shielding. The time had *finally* come to address the dead-ends I’d accumulated over So.Many.Months. I’ve developed a wonderful relationship with Faye, Founder & Owner of Sanctum Beauty & Blades Hair. They’re the best beautifying businesses in my town.

Knowing how nervous (read: paranoid) I was about returning to any public indoor setting despite knowing their strict Safety Standards & knowing them; they really went that extra mile to make me as comfortable as possible. Even though I was only there for a Wet Cut they made me feel fancy. They made me feel safe. Thanks Joley! My hair is now the shortest it’s been since I was younger than my daughter & gah, it feels good. She is thrilled that her hair is now longer than mine 😀

It took a while for me to find somewhere decent on my doorstep, previously only venturing into Cambridge or London for any treatments.

If you are in or close to Cambridge itself, then I can personally recommend Indre at Webber & Co. When I was able to visit Cambridge regularly she would take excellent care of me (previously at Adamson Berekoff). My in-the-know-of-all-Cambridge-indies friend Katie is a walking, talking ambassador for Elaje; I trust her recommendations implicitly. My most trusted advisor in all life decisions, my Mum – certainly knows her stuff – has regular appointments at Scruffs.

As for London, the list is long but from my own experiences (which you can read about HERE) at George Northwood & Aveda have never been bettered. Somewhere, however I’d been saving up to go to is the Josh Wood Colour Atelier – banking on financial & energy levels; living with Functional Neurological Disorder makes visiting my old ‘hood hard. Shielding made that even harder (my husband is Extremely Vulnerable & my daughter has a rare Blood Disorder; not the healthiest bunch but us Osbornes are happy!)

In the meantime I’ve adopted that ‘Make Do & Mend’ British mantra when it comes to taming my tresses. Brand trust takes time & I like to do my research before I part with my purse contents & then some. I’d already been converted to the joys of using Josh Wood’s initial product offering from Marks & Spencer around 4 years ago by reading/watching Nadine Baggott’s sage advice & it was almost certainly seconded by Ruth Crilly. Or was it Sali Hughes? I forget, but I trust their Beauty expertise all-round.

Josh Wood’s initial Care range from M&S was a mainstay in my regime c.2016. It was a sign of things to come.

When ‘Josh Wood Colour’ products were reformulated & then rebranded as another beast, I fell again for their beauty. The range is specifically formulated with your personal colour in mind, with the line now expanding further to be fully inclusive. I’ve been using the Shampoo, Conditioner & aforementioned Everything Mask (once a week makes all the difference) since the products hit the scene & graced the shelves.

It’s one thing shelling out for our Cuts & Colours but not looking after that investment is false economy.

I’ve used plenty of cheaper shampoos, conditioners & treatments in the past (as well as a lot pricier ones) but there is a significant difference in these formulations, priced from £10.

It’s notable & rare that you get this much bang for your buck – nothing is over £20.

Not so dumb blonde
TLC for my (or your) hair yet still kind on the purse & planet (Further Info & Ingredients HERE)

Here comes the Magic…it’s time for the Big Reveal! Aided by the ever supportive Mr O for those harder to reach areas (I had very long hair back in early May), these were the results from my first ever Home Colour experience:

So, the results really do speak for themselves. When I posted about this transformation on Instagram & my Stories I had so many messages asking for my advice &/or what products I used.

Thankfully, as I’m still a novice, that’s something I could easily dispense because Josh Wood Colour have literally got the answers for every concern: ask them HERE From the ‘Find Your Shade’ Quiz feature to Live Video Consultations or simply using the handy ‘?Help’ icon; all your bases & base colours are covered.

Perfect at home pampering awaits (even during a Pandemic)

See: Genius!

I am a genuine Customer of Josh Wood Colour products. I often purchase mine from Boots & they can also be found at Look Fantastic as well as from the Josh Wood Colour site.

However, If you would like to receive a discount on your purchases I have a Special Offer for use on : via ‘Mention Me’.

I recently used Josh Wood Colour & they gave me a special offer to share with my friends. I’m treating you to an exclusive £10 off your first order over £30. I’ll also get a reward, so it’s a win-win! Then you can tell your friends, too 😉

Enter: ‘Sophie Osborne‘ at the Checkout

NB: Click on the ‘Been referred by a friend?’ bar in Your Bag (just below the Coupon space)

S x

This is not a Sponsored Post. None of the links featured in this post are affiliated. In the past I have received Shampoo & Conditioner as gifts from the brand, simply in Customer Loyalty as thanks with no obligations. I completed a Survey for Josh Wood Colour during their product developments for which I was rewarded a voucher for another retail business.


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