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Dry Wall Art

Why the humble Tea Towel is your bargain way to add BIG impact in your interiors on a small budget…

Bella Freud Tea Towel (Older style purchased via Selfridges) My favourite Freudian slip of a thing in my Hallway as part of our ongoing Gallery Wall.

I have always loved Art in my face & on my walls. We’ve spent over a decade as a couple investing in special, personal pieces whenever possible but are equally as keen to think outside the frame when it comes to what constitutes ‘Art’. Our budget is definitely tighter right now but it’s always our favourite investment. If I/we love something therefore it has value, be it a humorous postcard or exhibition poster, gig ticket (chance would be a fine thing) or Magazine tear-sheet. I’ve got piles of things waiting to be displayed & Lockdown Pt.2 will see yet more on show in our home.

I’m going to keep it simple on that front; if you need overall inspiration on how to inject some arty personality into your home in myriad, affordable ways than look no further than Alex Stedman : The Frugality or Lisa Dawson who both write extensively on the subject & inspired my own efforts. Thank you, ladies!

Lisa has written a book all about Resourceful Living which can you Pre-Order HERE. NB. I’m going to see if my local Bookshop can do my order for me but it’s readily available via Global Online retailers & British Independent stalwarts alike.

I’m strictly speaking here about throwing the towel in to the mix. Other than say a vintage scarf or statement print, a Tea Towel (or ‘T-Towel’) can give you a LOT of bang for your buck with many featured coming in at around a tenner. I’ve found some for less than £3 & it would be worth checking re-sale sites for vintage versions.

It’s also a truly accessible way to incorporate established Artists & Designers into your collection. You can be creative with how you display them in addition to a more classic frame, simply hung by pegs in full retro style or using magnetic poster hangers. They’re also ideal for Renters as they are light despite their scale so a literal breeze to cover up some blank space or to hide something less than desirable. Dish rags are just dishy IMHO.

My Indie Edit

The latest Bella Freud design in ‘Peace & Love’; isn’t that what we all want? (£25)

When I posted about my Hallway on Instagram, it got a lot of love. I’d bought the Bella Freud ‘Love For You’ design with the intention of having it framed professionally. Circumstances & times changed, but I was determined to get her hung up so I set off for my local Dunelm in the brief window where I could visit stores armed with my folded cloth to check for sizings & mounts. Despite its’ large size, I was able to find a sturdy enough encased frame at a bargain price to show it some interim L.O.V.E.

Yes, £25 for a Tea Towel may seem steep to some, but if you consider a Screen Print by Bella Freud will set you back considerably more, it’s a no brainer. As soon as I spotted this latest design I wrote a little note to Santa. If something is adorned with Peace &/or Love I’m often SOLD.

Rob Ryan Studio ‘Heaven’ at To Dry For (£9.95)

‘Endangered Animals’ – Vintage at To Dry For (£10)

Woah There Pickle ‘Hot Sauce’ at To Dry For (£9.50)

Find them HERE on Instagram & todryfor.com

Louise Lockhart ‘Breakfast’ at Margaux Home (£12.90)

BlueQ ‘Love Cheese’ at Margaux Home (Update: Sold Out)

‘Secret Ingredient’ at Margaux Home (£12.90)

On Instagram HERE & margauxhome.co.uk

David Shrigley Turnaround (Opening Hours) at Selfridges (£35.20)

David Shrigley ‘Kindness’ Tea Towel at Trouva (£35)

David Shrigley ‘Be Nice’ Tea Towel at Amara (£35)

So, will you be giving a Tea Towel an airing in your home? Perhaps you already have?

Remember: They don’t even have to be framed. Just getting a glimpse of one of these would make the dullest of chores seem brighter. The creators of To Dry For have even listed 1001 uses (sort of!)

They’d also make brilliant & novel gifts; you can literally find something to suit even the obscurest of interests or tastes.

S x

Footnote: Nothing featured here uses affiliate links.

I have previously been sent a batch of postcards from Brainbox Candy purely as a kind gesture with no obligation to share – which I highlighted on my Instagram Account. This is a genuine Customer relationship so naturally, I’m more than happy to share 🙂


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