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The Indie & Pop Charts: A Top 10 of life enhancing stuff

Indie And Pop Charts 1

Making my world a brighter place: Business Cards / Business Card Holder / Cosmetics & similar MakeUp Bag / Neckaces c/o SWYC / Similar Notebook / Pom Pom Bedspread

This is your chance to tune in to the things that have rocked my world recently because they might just rock yours, too. A list of things to make you look good, feel good or that just DO good.

NB: Although it’s a Chart they’e not really in any particular order of preference. You can play D.J with the Mix.

Indie And Pop MOO Business Cards

How do you Moo?

1. MOO Business Cards

Nothing Moo to see here you’re probably thinking; already the go-to guys for snazzy stationery for many folks & creative types but something that IS new to their range made me take the plunge into a world of personalised professionalism.

I’d had the design idea for my Business Cards for a while & despite my (rusty) skills with a sketchbook & pencil, had yet to translate what I wanted into a shiny technological format & printed product.

When I saw on Instagram that one of my new connections & fellow NBBS students, Jecks Lee of Persona Abode, had chosen the new Moo Cotton stock for her own design I was sold.

Hello NEW Eco-Friendly 100% Recycled Cotton Cards! Made entirely from old T-Shirts, it was definitely a case of one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure for me.

All tee and no tree, it’s paper like you’ve never seen before…The world loves T-shirts. But the process of making them creates a lot of leftover fabric. So we decided to put those scraps to good use and make Cotton. Our first tree-free paper –

Not only was I won over by this innovation – created together with Mohawk but I was able to find the perfect template for my design – the one that I had dreamed up on napkins & scraps & was able to turn my ‘Mixtape’ idea into reality, well reali-TEE! I was chuffed to bits when they arrived promptly through my letterbox; thank MOO very much indeed! (50 Business Cards from £15.99 +VAT)

DESIGN your own stationery

NB: You can get a FREE Sample Pack or use my referral for 20% off:

2. Dawn French

I’ve been a fan of the fabulous French since before I can remember but catching an airing of 30 Million Minutes on BBC was an absolute highlight of my week. I’m telling everyone I know/strangers in the Supermarket & on the street/YOU to do the same.

WATCH Dawn in action

In short, it’s the most life-affirmgly, brilliantly executed one-woman show I’ve ever seen. I sat with all types of tears rolling, my heart warming & my head spinning at her genuine soul & genius wit. It’s especially empowering for Women but anyone with a heart or in need of a hug should see this. This is Shakespeare, Sister(s)!

She’s also just released a usable, abusable & thoroughly useful ‘Me + You, A Diary’ & I’m going to order my copy today if I can’t find it in my local Bookshop. Having read the blurb, I already know I’ll be stuffing it into the stockings & palms of my nearest & dearest come Festive-mas (I didn’t use the ‘C’ word, It’s October & I’m not a c*nt).

 BUY the book (£13.60)

Peter Blake SHOP

Pop Artist Sir Peter Blake is one of my favourites; I think HE invented Instagram with his collaged squares (SOURCE)

3. Fashion Re:Boot & Star Boot Sale

Hitching up my boots going back to my Bargain Hunting & Shop Girl roots. In the past week I’ve done the double by visiting two Car Boot Sales as both a seeker & pitching up as a seller.

I’d spotted an ad in my local paper highlighting the Huntingdon Racecourse event so took the Sunday morning opportunity for a saunter while Mr O took P swimming. It turned out to be well worth enduring the rain clouds for & I managed to snap up some lovely, lightly used clothing for my daughter, some toys, a gift for a friend, an 80s Educational Toy Computer (if it was good enough for me!) & also a lovely French Connection Blouse & Vintage Doll from the loveliest lady, Nancy Sorrell.

Turns out there’s a new Channel4 Series called ‘Star Boot Sale’ which was being filmed that day. The crew will be back again on 15th October with mystery guests raising funds for Charity. I’m thinking of pitching up to sell next time – see you there?


Indie And Pop Fashion Reboot

My little INDIE & POP-UP SHOP @fash_reboot

Next up was the beautiful Boot Sale brainchild of the ever inspiring Erica Davies of The-Edited & Ciara Elliot of EKBB. Not merely an outdoor affair in a muddy field, this is the Boutique camping (a.k.a. Glamping) version of a Jumble Sale with added jazz, pizazz & Gin.

Having been to their first ever event & with great sales success as well as enjoying the whole experience, I’d been itching to get back with a boot full of bountiful booty.

I’d set out to sell as much as possible to:

1. Free-up some space / head space

2. Give once-loved objects & garments new homes

3. Line my purse with a return on my material investments (gathering dust in my piggy bank)

4. Raise a bit of extra cash & donate 10% profits to some worthy causes

Well, that was my plan but ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans’


Despite setting off from Cambridgeshire before 3pm I didn’t arrive at the venue until #FashReboot was already in full swing; I’d been in standstill traffic (mostly on the bane-of-Cambridgshire-life A14) & then got utterly lost trying to find the venue after a SatNav failure.

A friendly Pizza Delivery Boy on his moped came to my rescue “follow me!” he said. Struggling to carry all my merch inside, a Sixth Former of the College venue named Tim stepped in to help me carry everything.

Once inside I got a bit shaky (Social Anxiety + I’ve just been diagnosed with PoTS ) but fabulous Founders @ciaraelliott got me a drink & @erica_davies got me a scone with jam for my jitters & blood sugars.

Well, I didn’t sell much as much as my last attendance (2 blouses, a Jumpsuit & a sweater) HOWEVER, what I did achieve & receive in kindness was far more valuable. It’s PRICELESS.

I met some bloody lovely & gorgeous people inside & out. I was also GIVEN a coat that I’d been eyeing up all evening that looks like a Teddy Bear🐻 If that’s not all good Karma then I don’t know what is!

Pre Loved and Vintage Clothing

Top Left: Vintage Diane Von Furstenburg dress that I wore to #FashReboot / Centre: Red Isabel Marant Etoile Jacket purchased at re:Boot / Top Right: The Teddy Bear generous gift / Bottom: French Connection Blouse purchased at Star Boot Sale

JOIN the Re:Boot revolution

Charlotte Tilbury Electric Poppy Lipstick Sophie Osborne

Lipstick has the POWER to give women HOPE & CONFIDENCE all over the world – Charlotte Tilbury

4. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Experience

It’s no secret that I’m a bonafide fangirl of Charlotte Tilbury, the lady herself & the vamp-y line of cosmetics she created. I’ve previously written a post in dedication to her Lipsticks HERE.

I’ve been hooked on her line eve since first sampling her famous Magic Cream at her ‘House of Rock ‘n’ Kohl’ when she launched her brand at Selfridges back in 2013 (See if you can spot the back of my head 😉

When the Tilbury Team at my local John Lewis in Cambridge invited me to their in-store event to celebrate their Concession Birthday I was more than happy to join their party & learn some tricks of the trade from the Pro Team.

As much as I am obsessive about Beauty products, I’m still – aged 32 – a complete amateur when it comes to doing my Make-Up & now that my routine has to be done at lightning speed (& often with a toddler in my lap).

I invest in products when I can afford to that really work to restore a bit of youth, glow & fake some Zzzz. I’m yet to try a Tilbury product that doesn’t fulfil my needs.


Ryan Adams Cambridge Corn Exchange

Cambridge Corn Exchange fired up for Ryan Adams (SOURCE)

5. Ryan Adams & Karen Elson

Recently Mr O & I had not one but two ‘Date Nights’ (suggestions welcomed on what else to call time with my Husband welcomed) in one week*. Our first evening jaunt out Cambridge for a wee while saw us take in a play penned by my Uncle Sean ‘Anyone can dance’ at the intimate Corpus Christi Playroom & the second was a Bucket List Gig, seeing Ryan Adams at The Corn Exchange.

NB: Not to be confused with B-rian Adams, if you don’t know & love his music then I urge you to get to it pronto. 

His Support act for the tour was Karen Elson. You probably recognise her beautiful face but have you heard her beautiful voice? (Same story, get some in your ears).

She’s the Cover Star of the latest issue of Red Magazine & there’s a thoroughly enjoyable & inspiring Interview with her by Sarah Bailey, as well as a stunning Editorial on location in Abbey Road Studios.

Karen Elson on life..

“Sometimes it’s shit…it will get better”

READ Red Magazine (November 2017 £4.30)

6. Kate Tempest

A poet, spoken-word artist and Playright, this lady speaks to my core (turns out we share a Birth year).  No words I can muster will do her lyrical brilliance & word smithery justice. Think Bob Dylan meets Eminem & then LISTEN.

Sugar Free Karma Cola Kale and Hearty

My friend Abi of KaleandHearty sampling the Sugar Free Karma Cola. This lady knows her nutrition & will be launching a Childrens’ Clothing Business soon (watch this space)

7. Karma Cola

Goodies from this do-good & no nasty brand arrived on my doorstep recently as Gifts – how bloody lovely? I hadn’t drank Coca Cola properly for years because despite adoring the taste, it always seemed to give me really intense headaches. I’d occasionally have the ultimate treat with a sip of cooled fizz from a classic glass bottle (it just tastes even better doesn’t it?)

Thankfully, the thoughtful people at Karma Cola wanted to persuade me otherwise with Real’ Cola after knowing from Instagram just how much of their Gingerella & Lemony Lemonade I knock back. The ‘Sugar Free’ stuff is where it’s at for me here on in.


NB: Money from every bottle of Karma Cola sold goes back to cola nut farmers in Sierra Leone #drinknoevil

(also available at fine eateries such as Jamie Oliver, Wahaca & my local favourite Burger Joint, Steak & Honour

Macmillan Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning Sophie Osborne

8. Macmillan #WorldsBiggestCoffeeMorning

I’d been to a few of these but never hosted one myself before. I couldn’t think of a better excuse to get people together & any excuse to eat cake is always is a good idea.

I invited a handful of friends, family & neighbours over to my pad & we had a lovely time in honour of the Charity; each of us sharing our own experiences of the Big C.

The fine folks at Marks & Spencer were the Sponsors with loads of branded goodies & items in store in the build up to the event as well as providing ‘Host/ess Kits’.

I’ve been wearing my Rob Ryan pretty little pin with pride & in memory of my Grandma, Elizabeth ‘Betty’. R.I.P.

Rob Ryan Marks Spencer Macmillan Pin

DONATE to Macmillan Cancer

LIDL Lupilu Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

Cheap, chic & conscious Organic Cotton. Not to mention CUTE.

9. LIDL bit of love

Lupilu Organic Cotton clothing for Babies & Maternity has been one of my favourite recent #SupermarketChic finds. I initially posted about this on Instagram Stories & was inundated with messages.

Having last popped in to my local branch on Friday there was still some stock left so maybe you might still get lucky but be quick! (NB: Deliveries are usually on a Thursday & Monday, I believe & once it’s gone, it’s gone).

LIDL Organic Clothing

The Merchandising isn’t up to much but it’s well worth a delve into the racks at LIDL (NB: I took his photo after I’d had a quick tidy up)

I picked up some pieces for expectant friends & some socks for P.

p.s. Lidl, if you’re reading this, bravo & please can we have some larger toddler & childrens’ sizes next time too?

Soaper Duper and Aesop Hand Wash

10. Soaper Duper

A while ago I wrote a post “My Soap Box: how a bar of soap can add a bit of luxury to your life”. Well, for some people in the world, even having access to soap IS a luxury. So is clean water.

Now, this ISN’T Sponsored, OK? I first bought @soaperduper when I spotted a large, green promo stand in Liberty & as a sucker for good VM, natural ingredients & all things the Liberty Beauty Team deem worthy for their hallowed Hall, a Handwash came home with me.

It ran out a while back & I’d been meaning to replace “It smells like pudding, Mummy!” but had got lazy & resorted to a Disney-fied dispenser for P. After following the #SoaperDuper story (I urge you to read/see their recent Madagascar trip💔) I have made a vow to make a small change with my small change.

It’s now stocked at Tesco too, so no excuses #soapcanchangeeverything

BUY Soaper Duper (£5 for a 500ml Handwash)

Phew! I hope you enjoyed this pretty mammoth post – think of it as 10 for the price of 1 (I’m nice like that). I might make this a regular feature if you’re a fan of the format.

* Thank you Mum & Dad for Babysitting!

S x

Disclaimer: Everything in this post was bought & paid for from my own purse with the exception of the Karma Cola & SWYC Necklaces which were kindly gifted to after establishing a loyal relationship. I have included a discount code for for which I will receive a discount in return so it’s win/win all round. All images are either my own photographs or credited & hyperlinked to their original source. 



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